2 Jul 2019

A viva voce examination

Peter Atanasov Kerkelov, a full-time PhD student, will give his presentation of his thesis on Folk song ornamentality and contemporary compositional practice (notational problems facing the interpretational type of melodising) to be awarded an educational and academic PhD degree, Conference Hall, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, 15 July 2019, 1:00 pm. Thesis supervisor Prof. Goritsa Naidenova; reviews by: Prof. DSc Elisaveta Valchinova-Chendova; Prof. Prof. DSc Mariana Buleva; members of the academic panel: Prof. Velislav Zaimov; Assoc. Prof. DSc Ventsislav Dimov; Chairperson; Assoc. Prof. Veselka Toncheva.
All materials are available to those whom it may concern at the Administrative Services Department of the Institute at 21 Krakra St.