31 Oct 2019

Marko Katić from the University of Belgrade delivers a lecture at the Institute of Art Studies

A session of the seminar on Pilgrimage and Art organised under the project Bulgarian 8th–19th-century Pilgrimages was held on 29 October 2019 at the Institute of Art Studies, BAS. Marko Katić delivered a lecture on Jerusalemia*: Hajjis, icon-painters and the market of icons in the 8th–19th-century Jerusalem. Marko Katić is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and his thesis deals with the visual culture of Serbian pilgrimage. The author has been studying for years now the eulogia from the holy places in 18th–19th-century Palestine brought to the Balkans by pilgrims, being one of just a few researchers studying the matter.
The lecture broached a wide range of subjects: written sources depicting the pilgrims’ attitude towards the eulogia, how the latter were acquired and at what prices; information about the workshops in Jerusalem producing objects acquired by the pilgrims; signed paintings; the problem of the ethnicity of the masters was discussed.
The session was attended by participants in the project and scholars from the Institute of Art Studies, BAS; Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, BAS; Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center, BAS; Ivan Dujćev Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies University of Sofia; National Academy of Art; restorers and journalists.
*Paintings of the Holy Land on canvases.