4 Nov 2019

A viva voce examination

Darina Yankova Boikina, a full-time PhD student, will give her presentation of her thesis on Reliquaries in Bulgaria of the Late Medieval and National Revival Periods, to be awarded an educational and academic PhD degree, 18 November 2019, 11:00 am, Conference Hall 1, Institute of Art Studies, BAS. Thesis supervisor Prof. Corr. Mem. Ivanka Gergova; reviews by: Prof. Eelena Genova, Prof. Corr. Mem. Elka Bakalova; members of the academic panel: Assoc. Prof. Angel Nikolov; Prof. DSc Konstantin Totev; Assoc. Prof. Ralitsa Ruseva, Chairperson.
All materials are available to those whom it may concern at the Administrative Services Department, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, at 21 Krakra St.