21 Feb 2020


Corr. Mem. Prof. Nedelcho Milev, DA died on 20 February 2020.
Prof. Nedelcho Milev joined the Institute of Art Studies in 1968; long-standing head of the Film and TV Department (1973–1986); member of the editorial board of Art Quarterly journal; Corr. Mem. of BAS (2004, History of Art).
His works Theory of Film Elements, Dramatic Screen (an attempt at a film theory), Relativity and Screen had a seminal influence on the development of Bulgarian film theory and his contribution to the development of film studies and education in Bulgaria is undoubted and internationally recognised.
May she rest in peace!
He will be laid to rest on 23 February 2020, Sunday, 3:00 pm, Ritual Hall, Sofia Central Memorial Park.