10 Apr 2020

Research work continues on a larger scale in the state of emergency

Following the experimental access to the EBSCO resources, the scholars working on Bulgaria’s Interactive Map of Arts under the Heritage BG project BG05M2OP001-1.001-0001 Creation and Development of Centres of Excellence funded under Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth, succeeded in securing remote access to one of JSTOR archival journal collections, different from those accessible to the PCs of the Institute and the Central Library of BAS and now, with the strict social distancing measures it may be used at home by the researchers, doctoral students, experts and the staff members until March 2023.
The management of the Institute of Art Studies appreciates the efforts of Prof. Goritsa Naidenova and Mr. Kamen Tabakov to provide subscriptions to research databases without technical or bureaucratic obstacles. Hopefully, the work on all our projects on the activities of Heritage BG Creation and Development of Centres of Excellence Consortium will continue even more successfully and intensively.