27 Apr 2020

Opting for expertise on St George’s Day

As of 8 April this year, the Institute of Art Studies, BAS, grants free access to its rare and/or expensive books on its website. In a fortnight alone, the fourteen digital books have seen around 4,000 downloads. This fact encouraged the researchers to continue with the initiative, for over the years the professionals have availed themselves of the paper books, and now their digital editions are enjoying growing interest both in Bulgaria and abroad. The social effect of such an initiative was supposed to keep more people at home, help cope with self-isolation and deal with anxiety amid the coronavirus pandemic. Upon witnessing, however, the flagrant disobedience to the social distancing advice during the Easter holidays and the rampant thirst for publicity against the logic of healthcare, feverish search for questionable authorities with paranormal ideas, the scholars and the staff of the Institute are resolved to contribute to making easier the compliance with the measures to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.
Following the Orthodox Easter, more authors will make available their new studies broadening the range of the offered subjects by including monographs and collections on drama & theatre and film studies at http://artstudies.bg/?page_id=12195
Among the newly offered books is Alexander Kuyumdjiev’s The Murals at the Catholicon of Rila Monastery, awarded the Pythagoras Prize 2015 for Best Monograph by the Ministry of Education and Science. This work of outstanding scientific merit is presented to foreign delegations visiting the Ministry as well as to Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I during his latest visit to Sofia, etc. In other words, the books offered by the Institute are relevant and valuable and the authors and the publisher forgo the profit from the book sales in an effort to spiritualise the society and save lives. With thousand trusting our expertise in the area of history of art, we urge you all to take care and observe all warnings on St George’s Day and during the holidays!
Prof. Emmanuel Moutafov
Director of the Institute of Art Studies