11 May 2020

On the feast day of Sts Cyril and Methodius: Supplying equipment to intensify scientific work

Prof. Emmanuel Moutafov, Director of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS signed on 11 May 2020 four contracts under the Heritage BG project BG05M2OP001-1.001-0001 Creation and Development of Centres of Excellence funded under Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth: Smart Soft Ltd shall supply and maintain computers and peripheral equipment, scanners, photography, video and audio equipment, totalling BGN73,950.00 excluding VAT; Almar Co Ltd shall provide audio equipment and accessories at BGN22,859,87 excluding VAT; ATC Bulgaria will provide two high-end scanners for negatives and slide films at BGN12,270 excluding VAT; specialised photography equipment and accessories at BGN38,300 excluding VAT shall be supplied by Photosynthesis Ltd. The equipment will be used by the scholars and staff members at the National Research Centre for Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage (NRCSCH), Institute of Art Studies, BAS, in their work on Bulgaria’s Interactive Map of Arts project, led by Prof. Goritsa Naydenova.
Prof. Emmanuel Moutafov greeted all Bulgarians in this country and abroad on the feast day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, co-patron saint of Europe. May the isoapostolic brothers protect us and bring to their senses the foes of our language, enlightenment and history! Language is a key factor in shaping our national identity together with the religion, common territory, family ties, culture and the shared past. Regardless of the later dialectal varieties and tendentious interventions for the sake of political leanings, our nationality remains inextricably linked to the Word written in the letters invented by Cyril and Methodius and the books by their disciples in medieval Bulgaria.