3 Sep 2020

Patterns, Models, Designs hot off the press

Art Studies Readings 2019, the annual conference proceedings of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS, was released. Patterns, Models, Designs is the title of the conference proceedings of the New Art Module.
The authors of the papers explore the creative practices preceding a completed artwork and how a creative idea materialises in the process of work. The conference proceedings of the New Art Module 2019 sought to bring to the fore and discuss the preparatory approaches and techniques in different arts.
Over seventy researchers from Bulgaria, UK, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine delivered papers on various fields of contemporary art such as drama, music, film, architecture.
To see the nook visit http://artstudies.bg/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Art-Readings-2019_New-Art-Module.pdf