11 Sep 2020

Prof. Ivanka Gergova receives Citizen of Honour of the Town of Berkovitsa

Prof. Ivanka Gergova from the Institute of Art Studies, BAS, received a Citizen of Honour of the Town of Berkovitsa certificate at an award ceremony held on 8 September, the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, which is the feast day of the town.
The Citizen of Honour was bestowed on her in recognition of her contribution to the exploration and recording of the churches in Berkovitsa and the region in a number of her studies and books as well as to the forming of a collection of icons at Berkovitsa City Gallery and recording the exhibits into the accession registers. Thus Prof. Gergova contributed not only to the enrichment of the cultural heritage of the region, but also to the Christian art within the Bulgarian lands.
Prof. Ivanka Gergova is a Corr. Mem. of BAS since 2014. She studies Christian art of the period under the Ottomans (15th to 19th cc.): woodcarving, painting, architecture, prints, and the cultural interplays and influences of the age.