17 Aug 2021

A new book by Assoc. Prof. Alexander Donev released

The monograph Plotting a Map of Undomesticated Filmmaking. Independent, Amateur and Alternative Cinema in Bulgaria after 1989 is the result coming out of Assoc. Prof. Alexander Donev’s work as a member of the team executing the Post-totalitarian Bulgarian Film: Models, Identities project of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS, funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF).
The books offers an overview and analyses of various creative forms that have gained higher or lower visibility though made without public funding. Independent filmmaking is presented in the monograph as a badge of democratisation not only of cinematic expression, but also of removing the institutional, economic and other barriers to filmmakers so that they could communicate directly with their potential audiences. These problems are given the full treatment for the first time in a Bulgarian study.