27 Jun 2022

Art Studies Quarterly 2/2022

Mathilde Arnoux. In search of true realism. Eugen Blume and Erhard Monden with Joseph Beuys in the GDR
Jérôme Bazin. Realistic Art and Everyday Images in the East and the West
Angel V. Angelov. Together against Modernism and Modernity. Hans Sedlmayr, Modern Art Revolution (1955), Dimitar Avramov, Aesthetics of Modern Art (1969): comprehension and rapprochement
Petya Alexandrova. Italian Neo realism the Bulgarian way: A Parallel Study of Ladri di biciclette [Bicycle Thieves] by Vittorio de Sica and Това се случи на улицата [This happened in the street] by Yanko Yankov
Irina Genova. Synthesis and / or Realism – Mural Arts. Critical Discourses and Reception of the French Experience in Bulgaria after World War II
Galina Lardeva. The Documental and the Realistic in the photography of Boris Mihaylov
Antonia Milcheva. The construction of authenticity in the conditional world of the film ‘A Face under a Mask’ (1970) by director Rangel Valchanov
Eva-Maria Ivanova. Lika Yanko and Binka Zhelyazkova: a creative collaboration at the verge of realism
Natasha Noeva. Foreign Exhibitions in the Gallery at 125 Rakovska St in the 1950s. Selection and discussions

Title: Art Studies Quarterly
ISBN: 0032-9371
Issue: 2
Year: 2022
Category: Art Studies Quarterly
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