24 Oct 2016

Cultural Integration, Transfers, Signs of Memory international conference

An international conference on Cultural Integration, Transfers, Signs of Memory will be held October 27–28 in Hall 207, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to be attended by researchers from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland and Korea in the areas of arts, literature, social and Balkan studies. Integration and transfers are considered in a broad range of aspects from historical commixtures and accretions in the form of tradition to influences wielded by political hegemony to the forms of coercive integration or one resulting from free choices to striving for exotica over the centuries through mixing the Eastern and the Western traditions to all forms of mechanical combinations, experimenting with contacts, relations, syntheses. This will be the second conference to be held under the Cultural Integration and Sustainability project between BAS and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA). Coordinators: Prof. Milena Bozhikova (Institute of Art Studies); Academician Katica Kulavkova (MASA).