21 Jun 2017

Mihail Lukanov’s Milyo Basan: Life and Work comes out

The book Milyo Basan: Life and Work by Mihail Lukanov, Department of Music, Institute of Art Studies, came out. Milyo Basan (1900–1983) was among the earliest figures in the history of Bulgarian popular music. In the period between the 1920s and the 1950s he composed a hundred or so songs that have become evergreens in the genre of old schlagers. Along with composing songs, conducting salon orchestras and teaching music, Milyo Basan has left writings about prominent figures, facts and events pertaining to the advent and development of pop music in this country. The book tries and highlights his role in many areas, analysing both the imagery of his songs placed between the sentimentalism of that age and the specifics of the then urban-rural mentality and the documentary value of his unpublished extensive notes on a specific aspect of the history of Bulgarian music.