1 Nov 2017

Dynamism of Cultural Processes comes out; Compiler/editor Prof. Milena Bozhikova

Prof. Milena Bozhikova, Institute of Art Studies, compiled and edited the second book of scientific papers under the Cultural Integration and Sustainability project, an outcome of the collaboration between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2014–2017). The project opted for the topic of self-identification and creative identification, as shaped under the influence of various factors on a particular region, country, the Balkans and/or in European or a world contexts. Cultural interplays, on the one hand, and maintaining the ‘status quo’, on the other, are a topic of the dialogue in the project.
Following the first book, Balkan Identity/ies, released in 2016, in Skopje, containing material from various areas of soft sciences, the second one offers discussions on different problems of cultural expansion, dynamism of cultural processes, transfer of ideas, memory paradigm. The book is an interdisciplinary one in the fields of literature, arts, history, social studies, Balkan studies, containing works by researchers from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, South Korea and Russia.
Integration an transfers are treated in a very broad aspect––from historical mixtures; overlayers in the form of tradition to influences resulting from political hegemony; to the forms of coercive integration or such resulting from a free choice; to quests for exotics over the centuries through mixing the Western and the Eastern traditions; to all forms of mechanical combinations; to experiments with contacts, relations, syntheses.