30 Nov 2017

Protest Actions Initiated

The General Assembly of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences adopted an official statement on 27 November 2017, as follows:
‘We, the researchers at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, deem the BAS Budget 2018, passed at its first reading by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, to be a liquidation. BAS is the main and most efficient scientific institution in Bulgaria. Its destruction will have enormous negative implications for the development of Bulgaria and the region as a whole.
By this statement we announce the initiation of protest actions insisting the European standards to be adhered to and the government’s commitments to the field of science and research to be met.
‘We are calling on Bulgarian and European communities for their support!
‘The first step to be taken is to hang down black flags on all the buildings of the Academy’.
The researchers at he Institute of Art Studies, BAS support this statement by joining all the forms of protests. A black flag will be hung down the front of Lyapchev’s house at 21 Krakra St, hoping that by passing the Budget 2018 Bill at its second reading, the MPs will make a more responsible decision on BAS Budget 2018.