26 Jan 2018

Art Studies Quarterly journal marks its fiftieth anniversary

Art Studies Quarterly journal presents its latest two issues on 30 January (Tuesday) 2018, 5:30 pm, Academy Gallery, National Academy of Art, Sofia to celebrate its jubilee.
Art Studies Quarterly is the sole Bulgarian academic journal in the field of fine, theatre and film and visual arts.
Well regarded and influential, the journal has been setting the pace in the research guidelines for artistic practices in Bulgaria for 50 years now. The fact that hundreds of Bulgarian and foreign scholars have published articles and papers in the journal is indicative of its undoubted influence with academia. The policy of the journal is to present different perspectives so as to cover adequately all aspects of topical scholarly research. New findings and unpublished artworks are given the highest priority along with analyses of unstudied or less well-explored problems, focusing invariably on research that puts Bulgarian arts into the context of those of Europe and the Balkans.
In May 1968, the first issue of Art Studies Quarterly went to press. Since then, 200 issues have been published along with two special issues. Bulgarian society has seen, over the last five decades, irreversible changes, affecting our journal as well: from normative aesthetic under Communism in the beginning to the current values of pluralism. Though no ideological pressure is exerted now, the present is fraught with challenges as real as ever and with collisions from the past. Still, Art Studies Quarterly has proved that it has the capacity and holds the potential to live through the crucible of daily living, showing that it is a journal rich in history with a bright future!