22 Mar 2018

Heritage BG project launched

Heritage BG project BG05M2OP001-1.001-0001 Creation and Development Centres of Excellence under Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth, Priority Axis 1: Research and Technological Development, Component 4: Innovative Technologies in Creative and Recreational Industries, was launched.

Funding: up to BGN29,785,549.49.

Deadline: 70 months as of 28 February 2018.

Project leader: University of Sofia in collaboration with eleven educational and research institutions.

The project seeks to build a state-of-the-art infrastructure for research and innovative activities in the field of creative and recreational industries (Heritage BG Centre of Excellence).

Expected Results: Creating conditions for R & D in the area of innovative technologies and development of market-oriented research to catch up with the leading European and world centres of research; integrate Bulgarian research institutions in the European research area; build up sustainable partnerships with leading European universities and institutes; step up research-to-business relationship.

The physical infrastructure of Heritage BG CoE will be located in ten buildings of universities and institutes in Sofia and a specific technological infrastructure will also be built on the basis of a Heritage BG Data-Centre, Heritage BG Information Portal and a number of specialised labs.

Special units are planned to be formed such as a Central R & D Laboratory for Recording and Modelling of Immovable Cultural Heritage; a Central R & D Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration of Immovable Cultural Heritage; a Laboratory on the Visual History of Bulgarian Literature; a Laboratory for an Interactive Map of Arts in Bulgaria; A Digital Archival Centre for Movable Cultural Heritage; a Digital Ethnographic Museum Laboratory; a Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration of the Documentary Heritage; a Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration of Literary Monuments; a National Educational TV channels, etc.

After the completion of Heritage BG CoE, researchers in the respective areas will be working, grouped in integrated teams for interdisciplinary research and practices oriented towards fundamental, applied and experimental R & D. The teams will make every effort to establish contacts with European teams for collaborative activities and participations in competitions for project funding.

Sites and objects of Bulgarian cultural heritage will be studied, recorded, described and catalogued by the labs with regard also to their potential for social, economic and environmental impact on the regional, national and local levels. The results will be directly applicable to practice, science, education, public life and business. Bodies of knew knowledge or significantly improved knowledge, development of applied products and e-services are expected to be formed, making a valuable contribution.

The results of the activities of Heritage BG CoE will be available at an online portal (in text, audio and video formats, as virtual products, etc.), while the developed products and services in several languages will be distributed among schools, community centres, various communities in Bulgaria and abroad. Businesses will have an access to these for further use in the creative and recreational industries.