18 Apr 2018

A new book by Corr. Mem., Prof. Svetlana Kujumdzieva

Kujumdzieva, S. The Hymnographic Book of Tropologion. Sources, Liturgy and Chant Repertory. Routledge, London-NY, 2018, 184 р.
The book deals with the Tropologion, the earliest known extant chant book of the Eastern Orthodoxy, containing a liturgical repertory of the major liturgical cycle. The study proves that it has been the universally spread hymnographic book of the Eastern Christendom and Southern Italy and was in use until the twelfth century.
The study is a novelty for the research of early himnographic books, which is still in its infancy, though being explored internationally. In this sense, the book makes a contribution both to the Bulgarian and the international medieval studies.
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