24 May 2018

Bulgarian Artists for Children Exhibition at NBU

An itinerary exhibition will be on display in the lane before the Auditorium of the New Bulgarian University (NBU) running 30 May – 30 June. The show presents a long-term project of the Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Artists for Children, mounted jointly with the UniArt Gallery,
Bulgarian Artists for Children imitative offers a series of familiarisation with famous artists, whose works for children a less well known. The project seeks mainly to underscore the potentials of their works for developing kids’ visual culture. These artists, illustrating children’s books and magazines, have been inspired mainly by Bulgarian traditions and folklore.
Drawing on their painterly oeuvre, a team of experts has designed tasks and play models to familiarize kids of all ages with the work of Bulgarian artists and teach them basic art terms.
The initiative is intended both for children and adults, who create or select children’s reads seeking to remind the latter that books and training aids ought to establish aesthetic and artistic values rather than being edifying page-turner alone.