5 Jul 2018

Presentation of Creation and Development of Centres of Excellence, Heritage BG project in the Entrance Hall of the University of Sofia

Heritage BG project BG05M2OP001-1.001-0001 Creation and Development of Centres of Excellence funded under Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth, Priority Axis 1: Research and Technological Development was presented on 4 July 2018, in the Entrance Hall of the University of Sofia.
The event was attended by all project partners, representatives of the research and expert teams, guests of the University and the educational and research institutions, representatives of business organizations and the media.
The event opened with an attractive performance by a team of majorettes from the Department of Sports, University of Sofia. Then Alma Alter student theatre sang a song inspired by the project: We Are the Heritage BG, a video of which is coming soon.
Alma Mater TV team (Dean Petrov, Kamen Kolev, Zina Nacheva, Peter Aiolov, Svetla Neikova) and Mrs Maria Vasileva (project PR) presented a video profile of the project, demonstrating the capacities of the 12 partners and the activities to be performed.
Project leader Corr. Mem. Prof. Ivan Ilchev, DSc gave the goals, tasks and the planned activities in a nutshell. Then each of the partnering institutions was presented by their respective heads (rectors or directors).
Project deadline: 70 months; funding: up to BGN29,785,549.49. The project seeks to build a state-of-the-art infrastructure for research and innovative activities in the field of creative and recreational industries (Heritage BG Centre of Excellence), where integrated teams for interdisciplinary research and practices will work. Expected Results: Creating conditions for R & D in the area of innovative technologies and development of market-oriented research. A research networking system is planned to be built to interconnect the various modules of the project, with alternative communication channels and modern conditions for R & D, contributing to the economy, social sphere and environment through dissemination and transfer of knowledge.
Heritage BG CoE unites the research potential of 12 partnering educational and research institutions creating conditions for forming interdisciplinary teams for joint research. The activities under the project are oriented towards discovering and promoting the enormous cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria, which at the same time leads to building and developing of a state-of-the-art infrastructure for research and innovative activities in the field of creative and recreational industries.
All partners shall conduct research adhering to the best world standards and practices. A specific technological infrastructure will also be built on the basis of a Heritage BG Data-Centre, Heritage BG Information Portal and a number of specialised labs, seeking to improve the training of young researchers through involving them in a real R & D process.
Providing innovation based on artefacts and products of Bulgaria’s cultural and natural heritage and developing of valuation methods and standards will allow applying innovative marketing strategies in creative industries and tourism. Building a Heritage BG Data-Centre and integrated information system will provide various types of consumers with access to Bulgaria’s cultural and natural heritage. Under the project, the first ever in this country 24-hour National Educational TV channel will be launched and maintained.
Apart from studying, preserving and promoting Bulgaria’s cultural, historical and natural heritage, Heritage BG CoE shall also generate new heritage, combining preserved traditions and state-of-the-art technologies.