27 Sep 2018

A doctorate awarded

The self-funded doctoral candidate Peter Kurdjilov PhD, Department of Screen Arts, was ceremoniously awarded a doctorate degree on 26 September 2018.
His dissertation Insights at the Foothills of Vitosha. A Chronicle of the Early Film in Sofia (1896–1915) is a detailed and comprehensive history of the earliest two decades of Bulgarian film industry. The work abounds in very well explored and accurately systemised information of the first steps of filmmaking, of the beginnings of film distribution and exhibition, of the earliest picture houses and listings, of the movie reviews in newspapers and the earliest film magazines.
Dr Peter Kurdjilov’s work was highly acclaimed and received three positive reviews by Prof. Bojidar Manov, DA; Prof. Ingeborg Bratoeva-Darakchieva, PhD; Prof. Svetoslav Ovcharov, PhD, and four positive statements by Prof. Angel Dimitrov, PhD; Prof. Vladimir Mihailov, DA; Prof. Maya Dimitrova, DA, and Prof. Nadezhda Marinchevska, PhD, chairperson of the academic panel.