15 Jun 2017

The World in My Eyes

Assoc. Prof. Radostina Neykova, Department of Screen Arts, is a member of the jury of Harlequin International Children’s and Youth Festival of Media Arts, running...
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12 Jun 2017

A Public Lecture

Prof. Elisaveta Mousakova, Department of Fine Arts, will deliver a lecture on Bookman Vladko and the Rest (manuscripts by the Literary Circle of Sofia, sixteenth...
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25 May 2017

A PhD Viva

A thesis on New Art Practices in Varna in the 1980s/1990s was successfully passed on 25 May 2017. Irena Dimitrova, a full-time PhD student, Department...
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24 May 2017

A PhD degree awarded

Rosen Spasov, a full-time PhD student, Department of Screen Arts, successfully passed his viva on 23 May 2017. The event was attended by his colleagues,...
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