Theodora Doncheva

7 Jun 2018

Theodora Doncheva

Theodora Doncheva
Asst. Prof. PhD
Main areas of research: documentaries and authenticity; documentary film between art and records; film hybridism; re-enactments as a device of documentary film; film and advertising; product positioning as an option for both additional funding of films and destruction of their structure and magic; power of film suggestion; Bulgaria’s situation and product positioning

2011–2014: Doctoral studies, IAS;
May 2015: PhD, thesis on Bulgarian TV Series of the Twenty-first Century: Socio-cultural Context. Product positioning in Bulgarian TV Series. Interactions and Socio-cultural Context;
November 2015: Asst. Prof., Department of Screen Arts, IAS.

Asst. Prof. Theodora Doncheva has six publications.

Asst. Prof. Theodora Doncheva has participated in a number of national and international symposia and conferences.

Research related activities

Producer of two features; writer of a TV series; writer of documentaries