with the participation of Dr Stavri Angelov, Musical Theatre research group’s trainee

 Anelia Yaneva


Launched in May 2017 by Zhiten Klas press, it is a collector’s edition limited to 100 copies. It has been prepared 12 years as archival records were used. Deunov’s legacy was provided by his disciples Dr Philip Stoitsev, Dr Vergily Krustev and Blagovest Zhekov.


The edition contains scores, vocal scores, texts and a CD, grouped in two volumes of two boxes with independently bound 4 books and 16 supplements arranged by Deunov’s disciple Dr Philip Stoitsev, under the editorship of Dr Stavri Angelov, who contributed to the edition with some of the arrangements of Deunov’s songs for piano. Editors: Blagovest Zhekov, Nadezhda Niagolova and Angelia Vihrova.


The first book contains scores of music and songs for chamber orchestra and chorus with or without soloists. Nine independently bound supplements contain the vocal scores.

The second book presents the musical archive of Dr Philip Stoitsev with an index of the titles in Book 1 and the nine supplements.

The third book offers solo arrangements, arrangements for guitar or piano accompaniment and scores for chamber orchestras in seven supplements.

The fourth book adds to the musical archive of Dr Philip Stoitsev (1907–1992) his commentary on the songs and an index of the titles in Book 3 as well as the seven supplements.

The CD contains performances of some of the arrangements by Dr Stoitsev, for orchestra with soloists.


It is available free at http://www.izgrevat.com/page_399.html.