5 Dec 2018

Presentation of Romeo Popiliev’s book Censorship under Communism

The book Censorship under Communism or the Banning/Allowing Regime, a monograph by Prof. Romeo Popiliev, Department of Drama, Institute of Art Studies, will be presented on 11 Dec 2018, 5:00 pm, Classica Gallery. The study delves into the period 1944–1989, when censorship was not allegedly in place as a legal institution and its existence was disclaimed by the communist authority. Thus it became double as even its very existence was also censored. Creative expression was enchained by units, procedures and methods of banning/allowing. With a ban imposed on it, a work perishes. And more often than not even when allowed, it was not the same any more. The study broaches plays by famous playwrights either banned or allowed for a short spell in the period designated by some ‘socialism’ and by others ‘communism’.
Prof. Nikolay Yprdanov, DSc will present the book.