4 Jun 2019

Seminar on New Ideas in Ethnomusicology

A book by Prof. Rosemary Statelova, DSc, Pop Music and Socialism: Gleams will be launched on 4 June 2019, Hall 15 of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Sofia, at the seminar on New Ideas in Ethnomusicology. The seminar was mounted by the Ethnomusicology research group, Department of Music, Institute of Art Studies in collaboration with the researchers working on the Soft Power of Pop Music in the Media (Bulgaria and the Balkans) project, funded by BNSF.
Lecturer: Prof. Rosemary Statelova, DSc (an associated member of the Ethnomusicology research group and of the Department of Music); moderator: Assoc. Prof. Ventsislav Dimov, DSc.
The lecture will be accompanies by recordings and video presentations of Bulgarian pop music of the recent past, made by the moderator. Researchers from the team behind the project will join a discussion on music–power–media relationship.
The seminar on New Ideas in Ethnomusicology was initiated by Prof. Rosemary Statelova and Assoc. Prof. Ventsislav Dimov following the establishing of the Ethnomusicology research group in 2007; the seminar had 30 editions with the participation of renowned scholars from the Institute of Art Studies and colleagues from Bulgaria and abroad. The mission of the seminar is to promote new ideas in ethnomusicology; to discuss theories and terms, methods and approaches, practices of fieldwork; to inform of new achievements, publications and books by scholars and doctoral students at the Institute. Prof. Rosemary Statelova’s book, hot off the press, is among the latest achievements of the ethnomusicologists at the Institute of Art Studies.