5 Oct 2019

Call for papers for a roundtable on Puppets: Art and Educational Aspects

A roundtable on Puppets: Art and Educational Aspects, organised by the Institute of Art Studies, BAS, will be held on 31 October 2019, 11:00 am, Hall 1, at 21 Krakra St, Institute of Art Studies, BAS.
The roundtable is held under the Bulgarian Artists for Children. Ivan Penkov project, funded under Sofia Municipality Culture programme.
Its broad thematic scope seeks to attract experts from different arts, fields of culture and education to historically rethink the phenomenon of puppets in two major lines: as objects of both creative and educational processes. The focus is put on the figure of artist Ivan Penkov and his creative role in making wooden puppets in traditional costumes and puppets performing different crafts and human activities.
The call is intended for art historians and theorists, including scenographers and costume designers, ethnographers, ethnologists, cultural anthropologists, pedagogues, culture and cultural tourism managers.
There will be three panel sessions:
●– Ivan Penkov: Life and Oeuvre.
●– Puppets as an art challenge: from the idea to the making;
●– Puppets as an educational tool:
●– Puppets in traditional costumes: Past and present;
●– From the home puppet theatre in a suitcase to school plays to going on the stage.
Submission deadline: 24 October at:
miteva_maria_ias@ abv.bg
The roundtable proceedings will be published as a book.