27 Nov 2019

A roundtable on Document and Animation: Film Language and Spectatorial Reception

The Department of Screen Arts, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, financially assisted by the Bulgarian National Film Center Executive Agency, organises a roundtable on Document and Animation: Film Language and Spectatorial Reception to be held on 30 November 2019 at Golden Rhyton Bulgarian Documentary and Animated Film Festival 2019, Plovdiv. The roundtable is held within the project The Post-totalitarian Bulgarian Film: Models and Identities carried out by the Department of Screen Arts and funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF).
Topical issues of the latest developments in Bulgarian documentary and animated film shall be discussed. Analysed will be the new models and devices of the film language; documentary film and contemporary society; historical discourse; hybrid forms and film forms, genre and style mixing; artistic options afforded by the ‘old’ and ‘new’ technologies; problems facing documentary and animated film in their relations with spectators, etc.
All participants in the Festival are welcome to join the discussion.
Nadezhda Marinchevska
Presentation of The Post-totalitarian Bulgarian Film: Models and Identities project and launching the international conference proceedings Post-totalitarian Film in Eastern European Countries: Models and Identities and Petya Alexandrova’s book, Short-form films: Advantages and challenges. Models and practices of Bulgarian short features.
Theodora Doncheva
Spectatorial reception and Bulgarian documentaries
Alexander Donev
The new Bulgarian a-social film
Andronika Martonova
Bulgarian post-totalitarian documentary film and Asian subject matter: almost next to nothing but then wholeheartedly. How ‘the foreign’ and foreign cultures are perceived
Deyan Statulov
Temptations of biographical documentaries
Tamara Peshterska-Yordanov
Re-enactments: a directorial device in documentary portrayals
Rosen Spasov
Audiovisual heritage and documentary film
Petya Alexandrova
Possible meetings of non-feature film with spectators
Angela Gotsis
Surrealistic practices in contemporary Bulgarian animated film
Nadezhda Marinchevska
New Bulgarian animation: artistic upswing and zero audiences
These topics seek to ignite a wide roundtable discussion involving writers, directors, critics, animators, producers, directors of photography and professionals in the fields of documentary and animated film.