4 May 2020

Music between Ontology and Ideology hot off the press

The book Music between Ontology and Ideology under the project Contemporary musical composition, theory and philosophy, funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund, was published by Cambridge Scholars (ed. Milena Bozhikova).
The articles by Milena Bozhikova (project leader), Kristina Yapova, Angelina Petrova and Ivan K. Yanakiev are centred around two main theme areas: the first one problematises the ontological unity of music, philosophy, and mathematics (in the texts by Kristina Yapova and Ivan K. Yanakiev); the second one continues in the direction of social ontology or the being of the music—the ideological debate about the 1960s style as part of the social ontology is documentarily recreated (in Angelina Petrova’s and Milena Bozhikova’s