11 Jun 2020

Angelina Petrova’s Ideological Dictation and Bulgaria’s New Music hot off the press

Prof. Angelina Petrova’s book. Ideological Dictation and Bulgaria’s New Music. Outlining Written Records (1944–1969). The monograph studies official written records kept in the archives of the Union of Bulgarian Composers and of other cultural institutions of the days under Socialism in the said period. It has been devised as a chronicle of the discussions complete with the reverberations of the researchers’ response and reflection on the resistance of Bulgarian New Music to the ideological dictation. The book seeks to deal with the ideologemes of Socialist Realism in their connection with the state political machinery; to scientifically reconstruct the mechanisms of the totalitarian censorship over music; to define the problems of the unfolding moderate legitimacy and of Bulgaria’s New Music reaching the European stages in the late 1960s.
The monograph was realised under the Contemporary Music Composition: Theory and Philosophy project funded by Bulgarian National Science Fund.