7 Dec 2015

Elena Stoin’s Folk Musical Dialects in Sound published

Elena Stoin’s Folk Musical Dialects in Sound, a special issue of Bulgarian Musicology journal was published to mark the centenary of an eminent and remarkable figure in Bulgaria’s folk studies.
The issue relates Stoin’s book Folk Musical Dialects in Bulgaria to the sound behind it (as fieldwork experience) and in it (as deciphering). This sound is unknown to present-day audiences.
The CD contains over 200 fieldwork recordings that would allow the readers to feel the music Elena Stoin has heard while writing her central work and to get familiarised with a small part of the holdings of the Institute’s Archive of Folk Music.
Text and CD selection by Goritza Naydenova; digitising and audio editing of all the tapes included in the project, documents selection from the paper archives by Maria Kumichin, Diana Danova-Damyanova; CD audio mastering by Alexander Nushev.
ISBN 978-954-8594-56-1