8 Dec 2015

Cooperation Agreement with University of New York Tirana, Albania

The Institute of Art Studies signed this autumn an agreement on technological, research, and administrative cooperation with the University of New York Tirana, Albania (UNYT). UNYT is the first private university in Albania, inaugurated in 2002, having received a license from the Albanian government. UNYT offers Bachelor’s degrees conferred by the State University of New York’s Empire State College in Tirana. UNYT aspires to establish itself as a dynamic, multicultural, and leading centre for higher education seeking partnership with similar organizations in preparing research projects awarded European and North American funding. Department of Arts, Humanities, and Psychology offers courses in Psychology, Art History, World Civilizations, Communications and Journalism. Under the cooperation agreement, Assoc. Prof. Konstantinos Giakoumis, UNYT Deputy Rector; Dr. Konstantinos Sueref from the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina and Assoc. Prof Emmanuel Moutafov are already working on an international project proposal under Horizon 2020 Programme titled Southwest Balkans: A common area of art activity in the Ottoman period: the case of the painters from the village of Linotopi (the turn of the eighteenth c.).