23 Mar 2021

Seventh Youth Conference on Art and Context (3–4 June 2021)

The Institute of Art Studies, BAS, holds in 2021 the Seventh Youth Conference on Art and Context, convened for the first time in 2000.
Eligible to participate are doctoral students and young researchers, whose areas of research include art history and art studies. The conference theme, Art and Context is broad enough to incorporate all arts and periods, inviting participants to share their latest scientific researches, issues and opinions.
Requirements: title of the proposal; an abstract (up to 1,800 characters with spaces) and a short academic CV.
Applications should be submitted at: infoartstudies@gmail.com. The paper should be no longer than 15 minutes.
With the changing pandemic situation, it will be further specified whether the conference should be attended remotely or in person, at the Institute, at 21 Krskra St, Sofia.
Conference proceedings are planed to be published as an e-book on the website of Institute of Art Studies, BAS.
Submission deadlines:
20 April 2021: abstracts and CVs;
30 April 2021: notifying the applicants of selection results;
3–4 June 2021L holding the conference.