14 May 2021

Assoc. Prof. Rumyana Nikolova, Department of Drama, receives Icarus Award

Rumyana Nikolova’s book, The Functioning Mode of Bulgarian Theatre in 1944–1989, 2020, received Icarus Award 2021 in Criticism category by the Theatre Historians, Critics and Dramatists Guild, Union of Bulgarian Actors.
The author explores Bulgarian theatre under socialism. The communist authorities totally transformed all social domains of life. In theatre, they sought to Sovietise and subjugate it to the communist ideology. This goal dominated repertoire choices, the new Bulgarian drama and the completed productions.
The main characteristics of Bulgarian theatre’s model under socialism are formulated until 1956. In the period between 1948 and 1956, the natural choice of repertoires was replaced; ideologically ‘right’ new Bulgarian drama was manipulatively developed; the method of Socialist Realism and Stanislavski’s system adapted to this method was introduced. That was a time of extending the network of theatres and centralised control over culture, and particularly over theatre attained its summit. Bulgarian theatre functioned in an entirely repertory mode.