10 Jun 2021



The Animated Heritage Award 2020 of the Institute of Arts Studies, BAS went to Yasen Panov during the opening of his Imag(in)ed Music Stories exhibition on 8 June, Hall 19, Square 500.

„I think that the book [The Instrumental Concertos by Gheorghi Arnaoudov: Surrealistic Rereadings of Musical History] we co-authored with Iliya Gramatikoff was an act of going against the mass trend towards lowering the quality standards of book printing in Bulgaria,” said the artist and thanked for this high distinction.

The Animated Heritage Award was given to him not only for his work as an illustrator of historical, academic and children’s literature, but also for his masterwork as an illustrator of the recently published deluxe first edition of the musicological study by Assoc. Prof. Iliya Gramatikoff, The Instrumental Concertos by Gheorghi Arnaoudov: Surrealistic Rereadings of Musical History. The book was published by the Institute of Art Studies under the Institute’s project Contemporary Music Composition, Theory and Philosophy, funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF). The book deals with the oeuvre of eminent and internationally acclaimed Bulgarian composer Gheorghi Arnaoudov, whose pieces are perfumed on prestigious stages across the world, from China to Canada.
IMG_20210608_183855These works are put on display in the exhibition, cshowcasing over  250 artworks made between February and June 2020. The illustrations take the form of digital collages, integrating original drawings and various other graphic material from diverse historical epochs and styles, ultimately creating an entirely new and distinctly phantasmagorical visual narrative that seemingly drifts beyond the course of time and at the same time roams around layers of history.. Themain idea is to remain in constant dialogue with the text of the book. Moreover, the works are meant to visualise both some of the key to the study ideas and the spirit of Arnaoudov’s music. Curator of the exhibition is Assoc. Prof. Dr Iliya Gramatikoff.
199301789_4290624394332912_7718178057256701899_nThe Institute of Art Studies, BAS, launched the annual Animated Heritage Award in 2016.
The figurine is a replica, made by sculptor Simeon Simeonov, of small statuary of idol worshiping of the 5th mill. BC, unearthed during excavation works at the village of Hotnitsa, courtesy of Veliko Turnovo Regional History Museum.

The award was presented by Prof. Nikolay Yordanov, President of the Academic Council of the Institute of Art Studies.