17 Jun 2021

A special edition by Bulgarian Musicology journal on the work of Ivan Kachulev with a CD of archival field recordings

Kachulev_koriza_page-0002-2Prof. Goritza Naydenova’s book Ivan Kachulev, Musical Instruments and Soundscape: Field Material and Scientific Works is hot off the press. This special edition of the Bulgarian Musicology journal of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS gives an insight into the field basis and the development of the two most seminal thematic lines of Ivan Kachulev’s publications: studies on traditional musical instruments and on the phenomena of rural and urban everyday and ritual sonic pictures.
The book contains an audio CD with 130 illustrations of Ivan Kachulev’s field recordings, selected form the Folk Music Archives of the Institute. It was conducted by Prof. Goritza Naydenova (text, selection of recordings and recording field vinyls), Drs. Maria Kumichin, Bistra Mihailova (digitisation, processing magnetic tapes from the archive), Alex Nushev (restoration, digital remastering of field gramophone records, post-production of the CD recordings).