27 Aug 2021

Animated film Marmalade by Assoc. Prof. Radostina Neykova wins yet another distinction

227028418_3485218651580934_2277328618749118290_nAnimated film Marmalade by Assoc. Prof. Radostina Neykova, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, won a Special Mention at Monstra Lisbon Animation Festival 2021. Portugal, in the professional children’s films for those aged between three and five. This year’s selection included 40 productions from 19 countries.
Since 2000, Monstra Lisbon Animation Festival has as its main goals to promote encounters between people with different artistic backgrounds. The festival is already considered to be a distinct event on Lisbon’s cultural scene from national and international viewpoints. Monstra is set loose across Portugal, visiting more than 40 cities each year.51363367414_173b2e5524_b

Assoc. Prof. Radostina Neykova conducted four workshops on various subjects.