25 Nov 2021

A platform features painters and woodcarvers decorating churches in Sofia between 1878 and 1944

Visualising the sacral: A repertorium of painters and woodcarvers decorating churches in Sofia between 1878 and 1944 is a project of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS, funded by the Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality, 2021.
The first stage of the project seeks to develop a bilingual digital web-based platform providing firstly, a repertorium, containing marshalled information about painters and woodcarvers who decorated churches in Sofia in the academic art style from the Liberation in 1878 well into the mid-twentieth century. The second component of the platform is a digital library centred around the subject of Christian culture in Bulgaria of the period.
The digitally formatted information gleaned under the project affords an opportunity to researchers, pupils, students and art lovers to closely familiarise themselves with the church art in Sofia of the first half of the twentieth century. The platform has been developed so that to allow updating the database with new texts and representations. The first project’s edition features painters Jan Mrkvička, Gospodin Zheliazkov, Charalampi Tatchev, Vasil pop Radoikov and Evgeni pop Kuzmanov and woodcarvers Gencho Petrov Marangozov, Ivan Filipov, Filip Filipov, Петър Йосифов Filipov, Alexi Mirchev, who worked in the academic art style.
Project Team: Darina Boikikina, Veselina Yoncheva, Tereza Bacheva; Anna Shoyleva. Project Designer: Danuel Nechev; Website Designer: MG Lab.
The Platform is available at https://www.sofia-churches.com/