14 Dec 2021

Prof. Kamelia Nikolova’s new book deals with director’s figure from the 1870s until now

Prof. Kamelia Nikolova‘s Directors in the European Theatre Scene came out, published by the Institute of Art Studies, BAS; Homo Ludens Foundation and Literary House Association; ISBN 978-954-9824-29-2; pp, 392, ills. 221.
Prof. Kamelia Nikolova‘s fundamental study deals with director’s development since the 1870s until now, analysing the historical conditions and the reasons behind director’s rise. Chronologically are traced director’s displays and transformations in the major periods of modern European culture. Each of the periods is presented with regard to its defining ideas, directors and their emblematic productions and staging concepts.
This is the first ever book on the history of European theatre written by a Bulgarian researcher in Bulgarian language intended for theatre professionals, students, culturologists and all those interested in contemporary arts and culture.