12 Jan 2022

A new book by Prof. Ventsislav Dimov, DSc, hot off the press

Living Voices: Presentation of the Archived Sound Heritage of Raina Katsarova (1930s/1940s lacquer discs) is a new study by Prof. Ventsislav Dimov, published as a special edition of Bulgarian Musicology journal.
The book presents the earliest sources of one of the richest archives of folk music in Bulgaria, that of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS. The book explores the earliest recordings in Bulgarian science made by Raina Katsarova on lacquer or transcription discs using a portable recorder in the decade between 1938 and 1948. This multimedia book has two parts. The first is a monograph; the second contains a CD with 153 sound units and detailed information about them,
This study on the earliest recordings of traditional music in Bulgaria argues that Raina Katsarova’s fieldwork, sound recordings and her publications on them moved Bulgarian folk music studies into the mainstream of the international ethnomusicology. The book commemorating Raina Katsarova (1901–1984) is intended for researchers, teachers and students, ethnomusicologists, historians, culturologists and all those who happen to be interested in traditional music and its earliest sound evidence within the Bulgarian lands.