29 Mar 2022

Prof. Kamelia Nikolova Receives Icarus Award for Criticism

Kamelia Nikolova_IKAR_2022Prof. Kamelia Nikolova’s book Directors in European Theatre received Icarus Award 2022 in Criticism category nominated by the Theatre Historians, Critics and Dramatists Guild, Union of Bulgarian Actors. The work was published by the Institute of Art Studies, BAS; Homo Ludens Foundation and Literary House Association.
In her study, Prof. Nikolova deals with the development of theatre director since the 1870s until now. Analysed are the historical conditions and the aesthetic reasons for the rise of the director to then chronologically trace his/her manifestations and transformations in the main periods of modern European culture. Each of these periods is presented by its defining ideas, figures of directors and their emblematic productions and staging concepts.
This book is the first ever history of the modern European theatre by a Bulgarian author in Bulgarian language. It is intended both for theatremakers, students, culturologists and all who happen to be interested in contemporary art and culture.
Icarus Awards are presented on an annual basis on 27 March, the World Theatre Day. This year the 48th Awards Ceremony was held.