5 Apr 2022

The bgkino.com web page of a new project of the Institute of Art Studies already accessible

The web page is accessible at https://bgkino.com/, providing the first publications by researchers under the Cinematic Culture, Arts and National Images in Bulgaria (1920–1940) project, funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund.
Very interesting is an article, Cinema by Ivan St. Andreichin of 6 June 1921, in Free Thought about Literature, Theatre, Art and Criticism journal, found by Dr Peter Kurdjilov. It is a follow-up to the first attempt in this country at a critically essayistic outlook on cinema by the same author, published on 25 February 1909 in the feuilleton section of Svobodno Slovo weekly. 
The team behind the project will be grateful for any comments, notes, criticism and recommendations about the content and the design of the web page.