9 Dec 2022

Art Studies Quarterly 4/2022

Alexander Yanakiev. Routes, passengers, movies
Petar Kardzhilov. The noisy spring  of the 1930s. The introduction of  sound reproduction installations  in Sofia cinemas
Boyan Tsenev. Analog artifacts  in a digital repackage
Rosen Spasov. Peter Ouvaliev – biography outlines and early  film reviews
Deyan Statulov. First steps of  socialist propaganda in Bulgarian feature cinema
Маya Nedyalkova. Watching  across generations – comparing  the memories and experiences of  Bulgarian film viewers
Dimitrina Popova. 3D digital reconstruction of lost houses  and their spatial analysis in virtual  reality on the case study of the Tuleshko Bey house  in Berkovitsa
Alexander Donev. The “emergence”  of cinema in the Balkans
Stephen Bottomore. An impressive contribution to film history
Petya Aleksandrova.  Contemporary Bulgarian cinema. Transnational exchanges and global connections
Georgi Kapriev. To the required literature


Title: Art Studies Quarterly
ISSN: 0032-9371
Issue: 4
Year: 2022
Category: Art Studies Quarterly
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