13 Dec 2022


The Editorial board of the journal Art Studies Quarterly invites potential contributors to submit their proposals for articles, papers, and reviews to be published in Issue 2 of the 2023 edition, scheduled for printing in June.

In this issue, we will be looking for the current Faces of Modernity in culture and art. The call is aimed at scholars of the common, universal features of the modern era, as well as those observing local manifestations. Priority will be given to original texts that present a new perspective on the processes of modernization in artistic practice and the visual arts throughout the twentieth century, according to the dynamic development of contemporary scholarly thought. The highlights sought will be encounters with new, hitherto undescribed manifestations of modernity in individual specific cases or those that update the general picture. Also of interest is the scholarly reflection on the forms of already studied, transformed and functioning modernity, in the processes of its further modification – in the early twentieth century, in the 1960s and 1970s (within the parameters of the so-called "late modernity") and with resonance to our times.

We look forward to the texts of authors tempted by the academic understanding of the proposed thematic field. Submissions for Issue 2 of 2023 will be accepted until January 23, 2023, by submitting an abstract (up to 1000 characters) and a short CV (up to 500 characters).

Texts accepted for publication will be announced by 27.01.2023.

Completed articles and studies, formatted according to the journal's author guidelines, should be submitted by 10.04.2023. All articles and papers are subject to double, anonymous peer review.
Please send your submissions to the journal's email address – probleminaizkustvoto@gmail.com and to the issue's editor, Senior Assistant Dr. Maria Miteva – miteva_maria_ias@abv.bg