30 Mar 2023

Art Studies Quarterly 1/2023

Margarita Kuyumdzhieva. More about the icon-painters in the Bulgarian lands during the late Middle Ages due to an unpublished tympanum icon from NCMHA
Maria Kolusheva. The iconostasis’ ripidions of St Demetrius Church in Arbanasi and their author
Tsveta Kuneva. The iconostasis frieze from the Church of St Paraskeva [St Petka] in Svoge and its context
Maya Zacharieva. The icon Arch. Michael Wrests the Soul of the Sinner from the National Church Museum of History and Archaeology, the demolished St Archangel Michael Church in Sofia and the priest Nikola from Teteven
Alexander Kuyumdzhiev. Two icons of the icon-painter Atanas Minchov from Batoshevo in NCMHA
Darina Boykina. Box for a cross from the National Church Museum of History and Archaeology: contribution to the study of Tryavna icon-painting and the Church history of the Sevlievo region
Luyben Domozetski. Christological scenes in the medieval frescoes at the St Archangel Michael Church in the town of Rila – new observations and clarifications
Ivan Vanev, Nataliya Nedelcheva. The early conservation history of Panagia Theoskepasti icon from Sozopol
Tsveta Kuneva. Prayer Journeys of the Bulgarians during 18th–19th Centuries and Art
Jakov Đorđević. Southeast European Silversmithing: Liturgical Objects and the Construction of a Cultural, Technological and Iconographical Network in the Early Modern Period
Vanya Sapundzhieva. Cultural heritage – status and perspectives. Collection of reports from a conference in honor of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Lyuben Prashkov


Title: Art Studies Quarterly
ISSN: 0032-9371
Issue: 1
Year: 2023
Category: Art Studies Quarterly