17 May 2023


Александър Донев и Донка Николова

On 11 May 2023, the exhibition "Zlatan Dudov. A Bulgarian – a classic of German cinema" was opened and the Alexander Donev's book "Zlatan Dudov. The Right Path to Cinema" was presented in the Cultural Centre of Tsaribrod, Serbia. The event was held at the invitation of the Detko Petrov National Library and the Cultural Centre in Tsaribrod. The evening was opened by the director of the library Albena Milev, and the moderator of the conversation was Donka Nikolova, a professor of Bulgarian language and literature, seconded to the St. St. Cyril and Methodius High School (Tsaribrod) from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria. Earlier in the day, the exhibition was also viewed by the Bulgarian Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia Petko Doykov.

Сред участниците във вечерта царибродчани са и потомци на  рода Дудови

The exhibition and the published monograph on Zlatan Dudov are part of a research project with reg. No. КП-06 ПН60/9 with the topic "FILM CULTURE, ARTS AND NATIONAL IMAGES IN BULGARIA (KINO.BG). Formation of the Public Significance of Film Culture in the Period Between the Two World Wars”, designated for funding on the basis of a competition held by the Scientific Research Fund, and the events were carried out with the financial support of Sofia Municipality, Sofia Culture Program, “Sofia – Creative City of Cinema (under the auspices of UNESCO)” and in partnership with the International Sofia Film Fest, Goethe Institute (Sofia), DEFA Foundation (Berlin), Academy of Arts Archive (Berlin), DEFA Film Library at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, Massachusetts), Cyril and Methodius National Library (Sofia), Stilian Chilingirov Regional Library (Shumen), Ivan Vazov National Library (Plovdiv), Union of Artists in Bulgaria, NATFA Krustyo Sarafov, Maria Gotseva (www.staricaribrod.org), FilmscanPro.