27 Jun 2023


The Editorial Board of the journal Art Studies Quarterly Journal is inviting potential authors (established and young scholars) to submit their proposals for high-quality theoretical studies, articles, and reviews to be published in Issue 4 of the 2023 edition, scheduled to be published by December 15 (Friday) 2023.
Topic of issue 4/2023 : OPEN DIALOGUES
This issue is dedicated to the contact zones between different arts – performative, visual, musical, and screen (theatre, cinema, opera, dance, circus, photography, architecture, etc.) in a broad global and chronological framework of continuity and dialogue. The aim of the research texts is to present the (im)possible areas where various conventions, narratives, and aesthetic systems diffuse. Are there historical and contemporary boundaries between the images of the arts? Are we ever more actively trying to erase the limites separating the arts? Or, on the contrary, do we insist on conservational canonical lines that should never be crossed? Where do the open dialogues between modernity and tradition, East and West, classical and ultra-modern, lead? Are the arts getting richer, changing in their overlapping areas of interaction? Can we talk about a new, interdisciplinary model in global artefacts?

  • The dialogue between old and new / East and West in the arts: happening and not happening.
  • Art, artificial intelligence and dialogue: human and non-human dialogue; arts, techné and technology;
  • New art and old technology / old art and new technology
  • Dialogical forms through art and their cultural impact – yesterday, today, and tomorrow;
  • Transnational dialogues in the arts;
  • "Linguistic" differences in overcoming the boundaries between the arts (linguistic in the sense of language of cinema, language of theatre – that is, in the coding of conditionality)
  • Inter-, trans-discipline and hybridism – building bridges;
  • Boundaries-taboos in the arts or about the impossible situation of dialogue;
  • Power and audiences – reactions to the dialogue.

Priority will be given to original texts devoted to not researched or poorly researched problems within the outlined thematic circles.
Prospective authors are invited to offer their abstracts of articles/studies/ review (up to 1000 characters) and a brief biography of the author (up to 500 characters) by 24 July 2023 (Monday).
Completed studies should be up to 45,000 characters; articles – up to 18,000 characters; and reviews – between 8,000 and 12,000 characters.
All texts (in Bulgarian or English) must also be deposited in the editorial office of the editor-in-chief. Deadline for submission:  15 September 2023 (Friday).
All articles are subject to a double-blind peer-review process. The issue is scheduled to be released by 15 December 2022.
All submitted articles will be subject to double peer review. You can find the requirements for the submissions here:
(in Bulgarian) https://artstudies.bg/?page_id=8356
(in English) https://artstudies.bg/?page_id=8448&lang=en
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We look forward to receiving your submissions aimed at outlining new directions and new subjects in the history of cinema, which we are ready to publish in No. 4 (December) of the Art Studies Quarterly Journal for 2022.
Please send your requests to the email address of the journal: probleminaizkustvoto@gmail.com

and to the editor of the issue andronika.martonova@gmail.com
Thank you!
Prof. Andronika Màrtonova, PhD – Institute of Art Studies – BAS,  compiler and editor of the issue