5 Nov 2023



We are sad to announce the passing of
(August 6, 1938 – October 31, 2023)

Lyuben Botusharov was one of the biggest names with whom Bulgarian music folklore is associated. Folklore and science for him were a vocation that he followed throughout his professional career. His activities spread widely from being a terrainist to being a theorist. His classifications and systematizations, his conceptual apparatus advanced the science of folklore studies and educated a number of its representatives from the next generations. Author of numerous studies, articles, and reports, in written and oral speech he explained his ideas, built methods and built technologies for the study of folklore culture and music. He also developed his enlightenment activities in his chosen field as a conductor of the Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances in the town of Pazardzhik.
Lyuben Botusharov graduated from the prestigious Second Sofia Men's High School. As a student, he showed interest in various scientific and artistic fields. In 1961, he went to Germany, first studying at the Technical University of Dresden and then at the Leipzig Conservatory, specialising in composition and music theory.
With enormous erudition and dialogical gift, he was a desirable partner for communication in circles of philosophers, artists, writers, and historians.
With Lyuben Botusharov, an entire world, full of knowledge, music and humanity, passed away.
We bow our heads to his bright memory!

Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The service will be held on November 3 (Friday) at 12.30 PM in the "St. Sedmochislenitsi" church.