10 Nov 2023

Kristina Yapova. Musical Reason. Sofia: Institute of Art Studies – BAS, 2023, 220 p., ISBN 978-619-7619-33-1

Korica na knigata_Kristina Yapova
The starting point for the development of the theses in the book is the question “Who is a musicus?”, formulated by Boethius in the early 6th century and immediately received the answer of this medieval thinker: this is the man who examines music “with reason”. Reason is affirmed as the constant core of the concept of “musicus”. At the same time, in its life through the ages, this concept has undergone significant changes under the influence of new requirements imposed on the real bearers of the title. In this same path of inner transformations, mental resources are accumulated that will lead to the need to create a new concept – “musical reason”. The main purpose of the presented research is to protect its right to exist and to clarify its content.
The publication is bilingual, consisting of a full version in Bulgarian and a shortened one in English translated by Mihail Lukanov.