15 Feb 2024

Ventsislav Dimov exhibits his works

"Partnership of Two", a joint exhibition of Prof. Ventsislav Dimov and Assoc. Prof. Orlin Spasov

On February 15, at 6 PM, in the lobby of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication Assoc. Prof. Georgi Lozanov will open the joint exhibition "Partnership of Two. Visual Narratives Beyond the Binarity" with works by Prof. Ventsislav Dimov, DSc., and Assoc. Prof. Orlin Spasov, PhD.

The authors set out to this joint exhibition from more comprehensive shared attitudes – towards cultural studies, the anthropology of the media, popular culture. This shared interest is the basis of intellectual closeness, which now makes possible the next step: this common artistic expression. While one author enters into a dialogue with Dadaism, primitive art, constructivism, and pop art, for the other, the traditions that have established the place of colour in art photography, as well as spontaneity in street photography, are important.